Handling of WEEE


Electrical and electronic equipment are sorted and dismantled mostly by hand, which gives us a better opportunity to reuse the materials from the dismantling process.

WEEE that is handled by the WeeRec:

IT and telecommunications equipment:
mainframe, minicomputers, printers, personal computers (incl. central processing unit (CPU), mouse, data display, keyboard), laptop computers (incl. central processing unit (CPU), mouse, data display, keyboard), notepad computers, notebook computers, copiers, electric and electronic typewriters, pocket and table calculators, other products and devices for electronic collection, recording, processing, presenting or transmission of data, fax machines, telexes, telephones, pay telephones, wireless phones, mobile telephones, answering machines, other type of products or devices for transmission of sound, image or other information via telecommunications equipment.

Equipment for private (small) consumers:
radios, television receivers, video cameras, video tape recorders, Hi-fi tape recorders, amplifiers, musical instruments, other products for recording or reproducing of sounds or images , inclusive of devices for transmission of sounds, images and other signals other than those generated by telecommunication technologies.


EEE handling proceed from the following legislation: