Plastic recycling

In the last few years we have paid much more attention to plastic recycling. So we have purchased a variety of new equipment that will help us recycle plastic in a more efficient way.

Identification of plastics

Plastic which came to WeeRec is sorted by type on the basis of the information marked on the main body. Plastics which can not be detected by visual observation or the marking is detected by using a plastic identification tester. Tester identifies various types of plastics and their components.

Sorting line

With the support of the European Union Supporting Fund in 2013 we acquired a plastic sorting line that helps us recycle different plastics. Sorting line is able to detect all kinds of plastics such as ABS, PA, PC, PC+ABS, PE, PET, PMMA, POM, PP, PS, PVC except black plastics, which don’t reflect the infrared signal back to the device.

Washing and regranulation line for recoverable plastics

In 2015 with the support of European Union Supporting Fund we obtained a washing and regranulation line for recoverable plastics. This line is able to recycle hard plastic and plastic films.

The washing line is capable of washing different secondary plastics such as PE-LD, PE-HD, PP etc, which are soiled with sand, dirt, glue, dust, paper and other waste, that is soluble in water. The washing line also contains a metal detector that identifies metal particles.

With the granulation line we can regranulate different secondary plastics such as PE-LD, PE-HD, PE-LLD, PP, PC/ABS, ABS, PS, PC, OPP, EPS, XPS etc.

For the final product an MFI analysis is performed on location and other necessary analyses are purchased as a service, in accordance with the clients requirements.